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Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists Inc (AIOH)

Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists Inc (AIOH) is Australia’s premier professional association representing the interests of occupational hygienists.
Our mission is to promote & preserve the health and wellbeing of Australian workers through application of the knowledge, practice & standing of occupational health & occupational hygiene.
Join the AIOH and get the Occupational Hygiene guidance, tools and connections you need for your career.

Member Benefits:

  • Access to member only information such as OH Matters a quarterly newsletter, Specialist Expertise Groups, industry news updates and recent advances in occupational hygiene.
  • Exclusive access to the AIOH Professional Development Pathways and formal Mentoring Program.
  • Discounts to AIOH events, training seminars, networking evenings, local chapter meetings and the annual AIOH conference.
  • Access to AIOH members only Professional Development Awards.
  • Exclusive volunteering opportunities with the AIOH.
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with AIOH members.

to join the AIOH:

apply online
call 03 9338 1635

Asbestos Safety And Eradication Agency

The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency was established on 1 July 2013 to provide a national focus on asbestos issues which goes beyond workplace safety to encompass environmental and public health concerns. The agency aims to ensure asbestos issues receive the attention and focus needed to drive change across all levels of government.

The role of the agency is to work with the states and territories to implement the National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Management and Awareness 2014-18 and provide advice to the Australian Government about asbestos safety.

Helena Popovic

Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor, leading authority on how to improve brain function, bestsellingauthor and international speaker.

She graduated from the University of Sydney and her philosophy is that education is more powerful than medication.

Promoting vibrant physical and mental health is not just her profession, it is her passion, her purpose and her personal way of life. She shared her mother’s journey with lung cancer and nowher father’s adventure with dementia. She speaks from a personal and professional perspective.

Helena shows people how to boost their brain, turn stress into success and come alive and thrive.

Ozhelp Tasmania

With ten years of experience as a leader in workplace mental health and wellbeing training and support services, OzHelp Tasmania is perfectly placed to assist businesses and employers meet the challenges of improving the mental health and wellbeing of their workplaces. Our services range from supporting the development of policies to group training and individual support services. Complementing this is our ability to tailor programs to support specific workplace requirements – all designed to ensure your most valuable asset, your people, are able to stay healthy, build resilience and achieve their full potential.

Relationships Australia Tasmania

Relationships Australia Tasmania (RA Tas) has been providing family and relationship services to Tasmanians for more than 65 years. We deliver a wide range of services to individuals, couples, families and groups across the state, working not only from our RA Tas offices but in workplaces, organisations and schools within the community. SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY is a Tasmanian not for profit suicide prevention charity. Stay ChatTY partnered with RA Tas in 2014 to enable the further prevention and promotion of positive mental health messages in the Tasmanian community in order to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide.

Safe Farming Tasmania / ATV Lifeguard

The Safe Farming Tasmania Program is a very successful State Government initiative aimed at improving the health and safety of our farmers, farm workers and the state’s rural community, and is led by Senior WHS Consultant Phillip John.

Phill has many years of practical WHS experience working as a senior inspector, advisor and manager of WorkSafe’s advisory service. He now specialises in providing practical advice to the rural community and has very strong ties with rural stakeholder groups. Generally, he looks at what farmers are doing with safety and steers them in the right direction.

The Program is guided by industry key stakeholders including the TFGA, Primary Employers Tasmania, Fruit Growers Tasmania, Ag Contactors of Tasmania, Tas Women in Ag, Dairy Tas, Rural Youth, Tasmanian Contractors Association – and is a free service.

The Safe Farming Program is a joint initiative of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) and WorkSafe Tasmania

The ATV LIFEGUARD, the world’s first flexible, passive and yielding Crush Protection Device (CPD/OPD) for Quad Bikes/ATV’s.

It will fit to any Quad Bike with a steel frame rack and reduces the risk of serious injury following a roll over, the fitting process takes only twenty mins and the Lifeguard brackets are universal, so can be fitted to any Quad Bike.

The ATV LIFEGUARD absorbs and deflects the initial impact following a rollover and offers a Crush Zone if the operator is pinned beneath the Quad Bike.

The ATV LIFEGUARD is designed to fit a steel framed rack and it just bolt straight on, plastic racks require an additional adapter plate.

WorkSafe Victoria and Safework NSW promote the fitment of the ATV LIFEGUARD through their government backed rebate program, offering farmers between 40-50% off the cost,

The ATV LIFEGUARD is designed and manufactured in NZ to stringent standards, and is accredited and tested to an International Standard.

Safety Institute of Australia

Established more than 60 years ago, the Safety Institute of Australia Ltd is Australia’s professional association for the health & safety profession.
Our vision is for safe and healthy workers in productive workplaces.

We undertake this challenge in many ways, focusing on:

  • Building the capability of the OHS profession, accrediting higher education, maintaining and promoting the OHS body of knowledge, certifying the profession and providing opportunities for our members for professional development;
  • Building partnership and relationships with organisations that share our vision
  • Proving a range of products and services to our members, to assist them in their work including printed and electronic publications, research database access and local networking activities, workshops and events
  • Undertaking a range of activities in the field of policy and research

SRTA Life and Rescue

SRTA Life & Rescue provide a wide range of Nationally Accredited training courses, all of which can be tailored to your specific workplace requirements.

Our trainers offer you the highest quality training experience along with their wealth of experiences in a variety of industry settings.

SRTA Life & Rescue also offers a wide range of High Risk work hire equipment, from a single harness to a complete confined space rescue kit.

Backed up with our Service, Installation and Consultancy service, SRTA Life & Rescue’s holistic approach to High Risk Work Health and Safety is second to none.

St John Ambulance Australia Tasmania

St John Ambulance Australia is a self-funding charitable organisation active in all States and Territories, dedicated to helping people in sickness, distress, suffering or danger.

We aim to have at least one person educated, equipped and prepared to provide first aid in every home, workplace and public gathering.

We provide:

  • First aid training to workplaces and the public including free first aid training to school children
  • High quality first aid kits and equipment to workplaces, individuals and families
  • Defibrillators throughout the Tasmanian community
  • Non-Emergency Patient Transport
  • Event Health services at public events
  • Community Transport and care for the aged and frail

The Hobart Clinic

The Hobart Clinic is Tasmania’s leading private, not-for profit mental health service. With an accredited Clinic we provide specialist treatment for depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug problems older persons mental health and memory loss.

MindHub courses and programs support recovery and wellbeing through evidenced based interventions that are delivered by our allied health team.
Services are delivered across the eastern shore campus and city centre.

Our commitment stretches to community interventions to reduce the stigma and ensure that mental health is everyone’s business.

Worker Assist Tasmania

If you’ve been injured at work, the process can be confusing and confronting. Worker Assist Tasmania Inc can help by providing free and independent advice about workers compensation, rehabilitation and return to work. If you aren’t sure what to do, don’t know your legal rights, are feeling frustrated or have other barriers, Worker Assist can give you the information, action and support you need.

Take the next step and call Worker Assist Tasmania Inc on 1300 027 747 or request a call by leaving your details on our website.

WorkSafe Tasmania

WorkSafe Tasmania is a division of the Department of Justice responsible for administering and enforcing laws that regulate work health and safety, and workers rehabilitation and compensation.

WorkSafe’s activity supports the Department’s aim of achieving a fair, just and safe Tasmania by working with industry and the community to improve safety, health and return to work outcomes. Its work includes investigating workplace incidents, promoting safer and healthier workplaces and practices, promoting prompt and effective return to work and more.

Aarc Systems

Unique zoned Duress and zoned First Aid assistance messages provide peace of mind for front of house reception staff and the potential for improved outcomes for injured workers and medical emergencies, with more rapid first aid response times.

AARC SYSTEMS presents the Australian designed and manufactured, highly innovative AARC-EVAC system, a wireless linked Evacuation, Lockdown & multi-zoned Duress & Emergency Assistance message broadcast system.

Wireless linked system – provides ease of deployment and a much reduced cost of installation.

The AARC-EVAC system is focus on providing improved outcomes for Workplace Health & Safety & Public Safety.

Please take the time to visit us and learn more about this unique system.

Accelerait / The Wellness Architects

Accelerait is a division of Injury Treatment Pty Ltd (ITPL), dedicated to providing quality and outcome focused health services which promote, ensure and sustain the health benefits of work. ITPL is a leading workplace health and clinical allied health consulting firm which was established in April 2005 by Brooke Taylor (B. OT, Grad Cert in Mgt.) and Jeremy Keane (B. Physio, MBA).

ITPL has grown to become one of the largest allied health and health and wellbeing professional employers in Australia, delivering services across a diversified range of markets including personal injury insurance, occupational health and wellness, outsourced allied health solutions, aged care and disability management.

We are committed to delivering high quality, customised allied health services through continuous investment in national infrastructure, and a management support structure that enables organisations and individuals to achieve tangible and sustainable health outcomes.

In 2016, ITPL restructured to form part of the Home Care Holdings Group (HCH) of Companies.

HCH is a diverse and multidisciplinary allied health, nursing and care provider. It offers unique value through innovative models of mobile service delivery for clients in the unregulated sectors of Workplace Illness, Injury Management and Prevention, Home Care, and community based Clinical Care and Disability.

The Wellness Architects is a division of the Injury Treatment Group, committed to delivering best in class occupational health and workplace wellness solutions addressing both the individual by way of physical and psychological wellbeing and that of the organisation by way of culture and their environment that enable organisations and their people to achieve tangible, sustainable health outcomes.

The Injury Treatment Group is one of the largest allied health and health and wellbeing professional employers in Australia delivering services across a diversified range of markets including personal injury insurance, occupational health and wellness, outsourced allied health solutions, aged care and disability management.

The Injury Treatment Group forms part of the Home Care Holdings Group (HCH) of companies and was formed in July 2016, through a joint venture between Quadrant Private Equity and RACWA.

Australasian Society Of Building Biologists

The ASBB was founded in 2007 to help educate the public, business, health practitioners and government bodies about Building Biology and how the health of our built environments is connected to human health.

Building Biology was established in Germany in 1970 due to ‘sick building syndrome’ resulting from unhealthy building design. It has since spread worldwide however only in recent years has it been established in Australia.
People living and working in unhealthy environments can become ill resulting in chronic fatigue, electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) disorders, respiratory problems, allergic reactions and much more. Many people do not know cancer, fertility problems and miscarriages can be linked to toxins in the built environment.

Cheryl Mead is the Membership Officer with the Australasian Society of Building Biologists.

For more information visit
Phone: 0487 633 771


Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS) is the Department of Justice business unit set up to regulate and administer consumer and building legislation in Tasmania.

The office has authority to oversee Tasmania’s building processes with the Executive Director providing the role of Director of Building Control. The Executive Director is also the Administrator of Occupational Licensing, and holds the statutory roles of Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading and Residential Tenancy Commissioner

Delivering Safe Services

Physical and psychological injury risk mitigation, individual and organisational resilience delivers reduced costs and better business outcomes.

Delivering Safe Services and Production work with complex, dynamic organisations in hazardous industries to improve governance, risk, occupational health and safety, industrial relations, human resources and delivery of sustainable change.

Using a range or proven methods including Delivering Safe Services and Safe Production ®™products, we draw on wide experience to reduce risk of physical and psychological injury.

We help Boards, Executive Teams, HSE, HR Teams and Senior Line Managers deliver safe services and safe production through understanding their desire to safely overcome impediments to change.


The Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service aims to:
– protect Tasmanians from public and environmental health hazards
– prevent and reduce chronic diseases and injuries
– prepare for and respond to public health emergencies
– promote good health
– reduce inequalities in health.

Public Health Services is responsible for many of the actions in The Healthy Tasmania Five Year Strategic Plan. This Plan seeks to promote good health and prevent chronic diseases so that together we can make Tasmania the healthiest population in Australia by 2025.

The plan includes 24 initiatives on:

  • smoking
  • healthy eating and physical activity
  • community connections
  • chronic conditions screening and management.


EFAP Australia is a local business that supplies Emergency First Aid Products throughout Australia. Our core business is to provide good quality first aid products including Defibrillators (AED) that will assist workplaces and communities when responding to an emergency.

EFAP Australia has the ability to manufacture and custom design bags, pouches and first aid kits. As part of our services we provide an industrial sewing business.

We also supply:
Defibrillators (Automatic External Defibrillators – AED)
First Aid Kits and Oxygen Resuscitators
First Aid Training Supplies
First Aid and Medical Items

Services include:
Industrial Sewing
Restocking First Aid Kits
Repair and clean first aid and medical kits
Information sessions on Defibrillators (AED)

First Aid Shop – Web Store
EFAP Australia is owned and operated by Phillip Krushka a current practicing Ambulance Intensive Care Paramedic with over 25 years experience.

EFAP Australia is committed to helping people save lives in the community and the workplace.

Healthy Happy Staff

With growing recognition of the shared responsibility required to address the health woes of today, engaging Healthy Happy Staff to deliver contemporary health promotion and behaviour change programs in your workplace, you will not only strengthen the foundation and profitability of your organisation but also address the public health crisis. A double whammy of positivity, and one to showcase to the final stop of your supply chain; your customer!

Healthy Happy Staff can enter your organisation at any stage of your health and wellbeing journey: organisational health & wellbeing surveys, health promotion activities and the supply of online solutions are but a few of our services.

Hobart Occupational Medicine

Hobart Occupational Medicine is a local Tasmanian occupational medicine consulting group with a focus on overcoming the adverse effects on health from injuries at work through multifaceted medical and rehabilitation management. We have expertise in musculoskeletal conditions, including overuse disorders and provide support and guidance to deal with the psychological impact of injury using a biopsychosocial approach.

Housing Industry Association

As the only national industry association for Australian building professionals, we represent the interests of the housing industry at regional and national levels. Our extensive membership program supports residential builders, trade contractors, developers, design professionals, kitchen and bathroom specialists, manufacturers and suppliers. We have been supporting the Australian home building industry for more than 60 years.

HIA’s large membership base gives us political strength and the ability to develop and advocate policy recognising the importance of the housing industry to all Australians.

HIA’s logo is displayed as a sign of professionalism on building sites right around the country. Our members are responsible for over 80% of new homes and renovations in Australia.


IPAR is the leading provider of comprehensive injury prevention, injury management and return to work services in Australia. Commencing operation in 2003, we are consistently ranked in the top quartile of providers for return to work performance for the panel positions we hold and our injury prevention services have been able to significantly reduce worker’s compensation exposure for our clients.

IPAR has offices in Hobart and Launceston in Tasmania. From our Launceston office, IPAR services the North and North West regions including Flinders Island and King Island. From our Hobart office, our footprint extends to the south of the state, including Bruny Island.

IPM Safety

IPM Consulting are Tasmania’s leading Work Health and Safety Consultants. We are proud to be Tasmanian owned and operated and have been in business for over 19 years.

We provide organisations with practical, risk relevant advice and cost effective solutions. Our qualified consultants are personable and highly respected in their fields.

Specific services offered by our team include:

  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Manual Handling Training tailored specifically to your organisation
  • Work Health and Safety Audits and Risk Assessments
  • Workplace Health and Safety Training

Occupational Hygiene consulting (including assessment of noise, light, airborne dust, asbestos, gas, radiation, indoor air quaility, mould and bacteria)


Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and innovative risk management solutions. We work with clients of all sizes to define, design, and deliver innovative solutions to better quantify and manage risk.  With a deep knowledge of the workplace and industry, we offer a range of consultancy services that provide comprehensive solutions for today’s workers’ compensation, health, and safety challenges.

We also invest significantly in technologies that enable our clients to manage risk more simply, efficiently, and effectively. Marsh ClearSight is a technology solution that offers both analytics and a range of practical applications to manage your businesses risks, safety and claims management including Workcover data submissions .

To every client interaction we bring a powerful combination of deep intellectual capital, industry-specific expertise, global experience, and collaboration.

Physiotherapy And Industrial Solutions P/l

Physio and Industrial Solutions is a leader in Quality functional capacity Evaluation and holds a place on the Tasmanian Government Workplace Provider Panel providing such services around the State. It has an excellent reputation for quality rehabilitation services post injury. We will be launching our new service- Independent Functional Assessments at the Expo designed to compliment an Independent Medical Assessment. We also conduct Workplace Assessments and pride ourselves in getting injured workers back to normal duties in record time.

Rehab Management

Rehab Management provides workplace rehabilitation, health, safety and wellbeing solutions to private and public sector clients. As a nationally accredited provider since 1998, we deliver tailored return-to-work services, injury management, early intervention, psychology services, and a range of workplace training and wellbeing programs.

We operate in 56 locations nation-wide, with an established presence in all states and territories. With a focus on people, team work and quality outcomes, we continue to grow and succeed in helping people to live their best lives.

Accredited since 1998, we have a strong track record across multiple commercial lines and insurance frameworks.

Relevant Drug Testing Solutions Pty Ltd

Relevant Drug Testing Solutions provide the complete solution for drug and alcohol management within the workplace. Our services include policy and procedure development, education and awareness training, onsite drug and alcohol testing, 24/7 call out and advice, and breathalyser sales and calibration.

Relevant through its antecedents were the first Drug Testing agency in Australia to achieve NATA and Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) Quality Accreditation to Australian Standard AS4760:2006 and Australian Standard ISO 15189 for onsite oral fluid testing using electronic analytical equipment

Searson Buck

Searson Buck is a leading Tasmanian Recruitment, Labour Hire and HR Services Company. As an organisation, we have serviced the Tasmanian business community for nearly 20 years and built a strong reputation for delivery and quality service.

We offer our clients a broad range of temporary, contract and permanent staffing solutions across a wide range of industry sectors including;

·         Professional Services- office, finance, management, sales, HR, Marketing, etc.;

·         Blue Collar- trades, hospitality, manufacturing, transport & logistics, agribusiness, civil, etc.;

·         Technical Services- engineering, environmental, WHS, scientific, etc.;

·         Health- aged care, acute nursing, theatre nurses, general practice, etc.; and

·         Consulting- transition, aging workforce, professional development, outplacement.

Searson Buck has built its reputation on developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with clients and candidates alike- both locally and nationally. We remain current with the ever-changing employment landscape facing Tasmanian employers and employees by entrenching ourselves in the local business community. This means Searson Buck staff understand the issues facing our local business partners.

Our recruitment teams have extensive experience attracting, selecting and placing candidates of all levels and job functions and realise that effective recruitment fundamentally impacts your bottom line. Knowing this, we ensure our approach identifies the most qualified and appropriate candidate first time, every time.
The Team at Searson Buck look forward to assisting in your next staffing requirement, so call us today on 03 6223 3055 or at

Second Office

For over twenty years, Second Office has designed and distributed an innovative range of office furniture products for the school and office environments in Tasmania. Primary product categories include Ergonomic Chairs, Desks, Workstations and storage products sold under the Ergoline™, Second Office®, Chairmaster®, Ergomax®, Enviro Office Furniture® and related brands. These goods are sold through its two locations in Tasmania. Second Office will still be delivering the great products and services it has been renowned for.

With our new slogan “from a pen to a complete office fitout”, Second Office can help advise you as to what types of furnishings will work best in your workplace and show you a range of options. The best part about working with Second Office is that there are no “cookie cutter” Solutions. Second Office comes to your site and takes into account your needs, your budget, and your taste to create just the look you’re after. If you’re looking for a custom work environment, Second Office is for you.

Swinburne University of Technology

At Swinburne Professional, we believe that for organisations to build a successful future, they need the combination of broad impartial knowledge paired with practical learning. We apply the best of Swinburne University’s academic knowledge to deliver learning and development programs that build capability and deliver results.

We have over 30 years’ experience in delivering high-quality Work Health and Safety programs designed for the working professional.  Our programs range from short courses such as Resilience and Due Diligence Training for WHS Officer to qualifications such as Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport, Diploma of Quality Auditing and Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety.


TasTAFE is the largest vocational education and training provider in Tasmania, offering more than 330 courses and qualifications. We offer training at 12 campuses throughout the state as well as workplace-based training to business.

We see our role as being to assist industry, employers and individuals to meet their varied training needs.

TasTAFE considers all workplace injuries to be preventable and strives to ensure that best practice WHS systems are integrated into business area operations. This is vital in ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, students, contractors and visitors.

TasTAFE offers a range of Work Health and Safety (WHS) short courses.

For more information visit:

The Jonah Group

Many initiatives assume safety is a rational science of systems, standards, hazards and behavioural compliance. We work within a new safety paradigm governed by emotion and enablers which embeds a growth mindset empowering engagement of head, heart and gut. The three cannot be separated.

We use a unique fusion of neuroscience and psychology to create solutions that work. By developing awareness in how certain behaviours and language trigger certain reactions, we learn how to empower and influence others. We help create a culture where people have a strong sense of ownership and where they are not afraid to speak up.

The ORS Group

The ORS Group is a national company with over 60 offices across Australia. We offer a range of services to participants, injured workers, people with disability, employers and people who want to improve their work situation.

With over 25 years’ experience, our knowledge, passion and commitment to our clients is second to none. Our services include DES, NDIS, Workplace Rehabilitation, Training and much more.

Please contact us today to find out how our experienced staff can help you achieve both your personal and professional goals.

Unions Tasmania

Unions Tasmania is the peak body representing over 50,000 union members across the private and public sectors. Safety is union business. We work with members everyday to ensure their workplaces are safe and healthy. We are an experienced and respected provider of Health and Safety Representative (HSR) training. We deliver both WorkSafe and Comcare accredited training courses.