Dr Alexandra West, BBSc, BLitt (Crim), Postgrad Dip Psych, Masters/PhD (Clinical)
Victoria Police

Dr West is the Senior Psychologist for Victoria Police, and heads up the Police Psychology Unit, which is a part of Wellbeing Services in Victoria Police. Dr West’s role involves the oversight of psychology and mental health within the organisation and the provision of psychological services. The Police Psychology Unit consists of psychologists and social workers, whose role it is to support the psychological health of Victoria Police employees. She was involved in the Victoria Police Mental Health Review 2016, the implementation of its recommendations, and the ongoing strategic and clinical delivery of mental health and wellbeing initiatives.

Dr West has worked across the areas of clinical, forensic and organisational psychology, and has experience in psychological practice in institutional settings including the criminal justice system and police, with experience treating a range of disorders and presentations, as well as governance, strategy and service delivery. Dr West has a strong interest in risk reduction for mental health and a passion for working with police, and is currently working on projects including a clinical treatment pilot aimed at reducing the risks of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in police.